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spiritual advisor: Ash the Silent

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Ash the Silent has been working with Runes since she was a girl of eight years. At that time her grandfather a vitki (Rune master) of the Erulian house began teaching her rune charms and rune spells. She began her formal training as a Vitki (one schooled in the art of Divination) at 17. When she was 30 she won through spiritual trial the burden and privelege to wear the Valknut (Knot of the Slain) which few Rune-readers attempt. “The Runes” she explains “They sing in my hand.” Her readings are a mixture of Divination Invocation and Rune Magic. She always closes her rune sessions with a BindRune and Spell.
What My Clients Say

  • Whenever I want an insightful true reading I will sit with Ash.
  • You can always count on Ash at a spiritual advisor Faire to be the most sought-after reader.
    Dark Oak Moon CUUPS
  • She reads your soul.
    Christopher DarkWalker
  • Ash says she only reads what Rune you chose but it is uncanny how she speaks to your innermost thoughts.
    Maxx High Vixier Cultus Sabbat
  • Each reading I have had with Ash has provided specific and accurate answers. Ash always gives me the truth and there is no greater gift.
    Melanie Muunpillow bat Dinah
  • Ash is the the only person I ever saw whose readings end in a proactive way (burning/bindrunes/etc) So even if you hear something less then happy you do not feel helpless. I always come away from one of your readings feeling empowered informed and strong.
    Edana Sidhe
  • I am so moved by runes and by Ash’s readings of them that I cant imagine going to anyone else. It is a mystical empowering time to sit with her and her beautiful runes. I cannot wait to pull them from that velvet bag of mystery again!
    Saille Honor
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